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Norra Strand sounds like a name:

Norra Strand is Swedish... Having grown up on Sydney's northern beaches, I moved to Sweden for a year long exchange program to study textiles. The year became 15, and the 'I' became 'we' and then we relocated to Sydney. We love the beach and by some weird force we often end up at the north end. 'Norra Strand' translates directly as 'north beach' and as it happens, it's a pretty nice spot in Sweden too... 

How long does it take for artworks to be sent? 

We have a number of artworks in the stock room though sometimes we need to custom print the edition. We will let you know. If we have the artwork in our stockroom, it will be posted within 48 hours. For custom prints we need a few more days. 

Will Norra Strand create more editions when the first edition is complete?

Limited Edition prints are just that, limited. So when we print the final print of an edition the screen will be destroyed. This means that your print is one of a select few...

Can you post a framed artwork?

We are happy to organise delivery for framed artworks within the Northern Beaches LGA during Covid Lockdown. Shipping glass is difficult and expensive, why not contact a local framer near you and support your local framer? 

How can I purchase Norra Strand Fabrics?

Norra Strand fabrics can be purchased through your interior designer, interiors shop or architect. If you would like to feel how lovely our fabrics are to touch you can purchase a sample from our website or ask your chosen designer to order for you. We are a young business so not every designer has heard of Norra Strand. Please tell them about us or ask us to contact them. Please email us! Norra Strand contact

Do you wholesale?

Absolutely, we love seeing our work in beautiful likeminded shops that value quality throughout Australia and the world. Please email us! Norra Strand contact

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