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Visual stories through pattern

- a pencil line, a simple stitch a burst of colour - 

Norra Strand is where design, craft and artistic experimentation merge, creating unique patterns that enrich the everyday -stripes, damasks, contemporary chinoiserie and toiles. 

Respect, encompasses what we are all about. Respect for materials, Respect for the planet, respect for the people who make, sell and deliver our products and respect to those that chose to use our products.

The artworks we produce are fine art prints. The fabrics we print are quality hemp and organic cotton fabrics. Hemp requires little or no pesticides and organic cotton uses none. 

Norra Strand translates directly from Swedish as 'North beach', bringing together the two worlds that Norra Strands founder, Jb Watson, treasures -Australian beaches with a dash of Swedish informed design.



The Norra Strand journey starts with a pencil line, a simple stitch, a burst of colour...


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